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Why I'm All In On The Illawarra Offshore Wind Project

By Charbel Douna on Oct 16, 2023
Elie and Charbel Douna offshore wind

Hey everyone,

Charbel here. I wanted to take a moment and chat about something that’s been on my mind lately, and the mind of many of us - the Illawarra Offshore Wind Project. If you’ve been following the buzz around town, you know it’s a big deal. And guess what? After a lot of careful consideration - i’m all in on it.

First off, let’s talk about the planet for a second. We all know we’ve got to do our bit to keep it green and clean, right? This wind project is a step in that direction. Clean energy, less pollution, and a big thumbs up for Mother Earth. What’s not to love?

Growing up in the Illawarra i’m all too familiar with what this city owes to the local industry here - but they are 19th century industries and we need to look ahead and plan on what the next 100 years look like for this region.

Now, on the business side of things, this project is a game-changer for Illawarra. Jobs, growth, and a fresh vibe for our local economy. As a part of the Douna Group, I’ve always believed in pushing the envelope, trying new things, and making a difference. This project? It’s all that and a lot more. Further - it’s just a starting point.

My brother, Elie, put down some of his thoughts on this too. We have discussed this and we’re not only backing it as individuals, but we’re backing it formally with our company.

For the nitty-gritty details on our company’s stance, check out our official post over at Douna Group. It’s got all the info you need.

To wrap it up, I genuinely believe the Illawarra Offshore Wind Project is the way to go. It’s good for the environment, great for the community, and a fantastic opportunity for all of us. Let’s ride the wind, folks!

Thaks for reading!


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